What causes the ban of your Amazon seller account?

What causes the ban of your Amazon seller account?

All sellers on Amazon are thought of as having equal rights and opportunities to locate customers, making it a fair trading environment. Nevertheless, some merchants have discovered cunning techniques to avoid detection. Both purposeful and unintended behavior can result in these actions. In any event, threats to the account could surface after gathering some of these acts. These options include caution, limitation, or suspension.

The following situations may lead to the account of an Amazon seller being banned:

Relevant product certification absence:

Some goods must be verified before they may be sold by a recognized body. Medical devices, machinery, toys, and personal protection equipment are a few examples of items that could need safety certification.

Before displaying such products in their stores, Amazon needs vendors to provide certification. Otherwise, you run the risk of having your account suspended or receiving a warning.

Product quality issues:


Your account may be audited or suspended if a seller’s product is out-of-date, not authentic, or has a significant functional flaw. Additionally, your account may be audited or restricted if customers report instances of fraud or delivery problems.

Also, a product with several bad reviews and a very low rating may result in account suspension or limitation. Therefore, it is crucial for merchants to guarantee the quality of their goods.

Delivery error or delayed delivery:

Amazon mandates that sellers send their goods to customers no later than two business days after receiving payment. A delayed order is one that is submitted after this time frame has passed.

Additionally, the seller’s account may be in danger if they provide the incorrect tracking code for an order, which results in the incorrect delivery. Although there is no predetermined cap for these errors, it may lead to unfavorable customer feedback.

Poor service reports:

Customers who claim that seller-provided bad customer service—perhaps their emails or texts went unanswered—can leave negative feedback, which increases the likelihood that your account will be scrutinized or audited. Because of this, you are urged to avoid disputes with customers and try to respond to their inquiries as quickly as you can. If your account gets banned because of any of these reasons, then visit https://www.sellershelp24.com/ to buy an Amazon seller account.

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