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Instagram is collecting and distributing millions of videos every day. When a user views a video, the platform automatically likes it. This process is called view-growth and when you get lots of it, you can argue that your account is becoming more popular and thus has greater growth potential. For the best Instagram followers on the market, the best site to buy instagram followers is the site to go to.

Here are the impacts of Instagram views on your account’s growth:

Views Increase Engagement Rate

Each like you get means that your content is reaching one or more users. The more the views, the more people who get to watch your video, thus increasing the chances of getting more likes.

Views Increase Followers

The more views you have, the more people will follow you. When they do so, they will be able to see your content and thus increase your followers.

Views Increase Info-Growth

When a user likes your videos and shares them, their friends will see it too. The more their friends see your content, the greater the chance that they will also like it and thus be exposed to your brand’s message.

Views Increase Quantity of Likes Received

The more views you get, the better the chances are that you will receive a high number of likes on each new video upload. When you do so, you increase the chances of getting more likes and thus having a higher number of followers.

Views Increase Quality of Likes Received

Because engagement rates are high, your content will be more likely to be liked and shared by your followers. This in turn increases the chance that those who see your video will see it with a higher quality score and thus enjoy it more.

Views Increase Quantity of Comments Received

When someone like or comment on your content, they boost its visibility on their Instagram feed as well as everyone who follows them. The more they get to view it, the better the chances that they will like or comment on it too.

Views Increase Your Potential for Virality

When one person likes your content, there is a chance that he/she will tag one of his/her friends on the post. This continues until a lot of people like your content and thus boosts its virality.

Views Increase the Like-Growth Ratio

The more you have views, the greater chances you have of getting more likes on each video upload and thus obtaining a high like-growth ratio which meets Instagram’s requirements to be featured in their weekly trending section.